New Halloween Canvas Tote Bags!!

il_570xN.1359751353_mmy2I love Halloween. What is there not to love? You get to eat candy, be your delightfully weird self, your favorite scary movies are on TV ALL the time and you get to dress up! Well, I made tote bags that fit into all that Halloween fun. Horror fans can use it as their everyday tote bag, it makes an awesome trick or treat bag, and so much more. And, of course, I had to add a little extra Halloween fun into the mix. A free severed finger prop and a sugary treat are included with every purchase.

You’ll also find an array of vampire fang pins, horror-inspired button pins, skull brooches and more in the shop to complete any spooktacular look. Shop around, see what speaks to you and stock up on cute shit.

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Halloween orders are shipping out super fast to ensure you get them on time so shop now! At this point, I can only ensure delivery to U.S. customers. Orders will ship either the same day or the next business day. For us, that includes Saturdays.


5 Reasons Why You Need a Bad Girl Wallet


  1. Perfect Size

The wallet measures 3.5 x 1.25 x 4.25 inches so it’s big enough to hold all your shit yet compact enough to fit into a small crossbody bag while leaving enough room for your sunglasses, spring assisted knife (never mind, that’s just me) and a few cosmetic essentials.

  1.  Features Eight Card Slots

Yes, eight! If you have that many cards, I’m a little concerned about your credit but that isn’t my business. Maybe you have great friends who shower you with gift cards? There is also a zipper compartment to store change, an extra pair of earrings, whatever.


  1. It Has a Skull on the Front

I repeat, it has a skull on the front. And a very menacing one at that. Enough said.

  1. It’s Made of Faux Leather

I don’t care if you are a meat eater or not. Killing animals for bags and other accessories/clothing is RIDICULOUS. I only use faux leather in my shop.


  1. It’s Only $13.50

Yes! The Bad Girl Wallet is badass, high quality AND affordable.

Find the Wallet HERE

How GUANGORENA Began: A Quick Tale

Those who have followed me on social media for a while know this all started under another brand name. I originally sold colorful hair bows along with other hair accessories. The line was nice but it wasn’t my style. I was a young woman with a limited budget and entrepreneurial dreams who could make a mean hair bow so that’s what I went with.


Soon, the inspiration faded because, as said, the business wasn’t me. I prefer the darker side of things. I live in black, am obsessed with horror movies, slasher films, anything spooky. On top of that, I draw inspiration from the Victorian gothic era, the 80s punk scene, circus freak shows, classic glamour, film noir etc.. The transition was a slow and gradual one (since I’m also a full-time writer) but GUANGORENA became a thing after a few years. As for why I started the brand, I wanted beautiful pieces to wear that fit my style. I had items in mind that I couldn’t or had a difficult time finding so I made them myself.


The brand is still small. It is not widely known by any means which is fine. I’m working to change that. Fortunately, those who do own my pieces love them. Aside from creating rad items, I focus on quality while avoiding high prices because that balance matters. Customers deserve quality without having to save up for it.

Currently, I have a lovely selection of jewelry in the shop, a limited-edition wristlet, the very cool Bad Girl Wallet (there’s a matching choker too if you’re interested), skull brooches and pins worthy of any collection. As for what’s in the works, you have t-shirts and totes to look forward to in the coming months.

Stop by the online shop when you have time. If you see something you like, go for it. I ship all orders in three days or less. By the way, U.S orders ship for $2.95 while international shipping rates are more than reasonable. Other businesses are getting a little ridiculous with their shipping costs, don’t you think?